Fast and Effective Pain Relief at OMPT Specialists Physical Therapy in Troy

OMPT is also referred to as Manual or Manipulative Therapy and is a type of physical treatment that’s mainly used on the neuromusculoskeletal system for treating pain and disability.

OMPT Specialists are trained not just to focus on the exercise, but also promote a wide range of motion along with better joint and ligament mobility.

Traditional Physical Therapy simply looks at the symptoms but advanced physical therapy techniques and structural diagnosis can highlight the source of the pain. For many rehab programs the focus is on exercise but OMPT Specialists also identify biomechanical deficiencies before treating them.

OMPT is the only certified therapy by the American Medical Association with research showing that conditions that don’t respond to traditional physical therapy see considerable results with OMPT treatment.

What makes OMPT different to conventional physical therapy is that it focuses on treating the cause of the pain, not merely the symptoms. This means the results are delivered more quickly than through traditional physical therapy.



At OMPT Specialists, we are experts in working with kids of all ages on childhood conditions unique to them. We use manual physical therapy to address a broad variety of conditions, including muscle and joint limitations.


Sports injuries can affect joint and ligament flexibility and mobility. Physical therapy can eliminate or reduce pain in the body but many of these treatment programs are focused on exercise, while OMPT focuses on advanced physical therapy techniques to pinpoint the pain and then incorporate a full range of motion to treat it accordingly.


Physical therapy rehabilitation programs can help to strengthen or restore mobility prior to and following surgical procedures. By strengthening any weakened or disused muscles, it enables the body’s muscles to return to their full capacity.

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